Cretan Resorts SA stands for durable and luxurious newly-built houses and villas. Our construction company operates in Crete, the biggest of the Greek Islands and the leading location in the Greek travel & tourism industry.

What set us apart from most local construction companies is our absolute and unconditional commitment to construction quality and sustainable development. Hence, it is not a surprise that all of our villas, condominiums and apartments are all in or nearby traditional villages and picturesque small towns.

Cretan Resorts is also the local expert in “smart” renovations that stand apart from the same old methods and designs. We take great pride in our company being “responsible” for small architectural gems, which we make sure are always equally satisfying to both the architects and the residents.

Our expertise does not end in the architecture, though: Our “family” of friendly professionals consist of architects, engineers, constructors, lawyers, notaries, decorators and maintenance experts, who make sure that your new home in Crete - no matter how big or small - will be the stage of a great living experience!

Regarding living in Crete, just remember that it is considered worldwide as one of the best places - if not THE best - for healthy living, in sync with the natural environment. It is not a coincidence that the (now) so-called “Mediterranean diet” is based in the Cretan diet, which has a history and a tradition of literally more than 25 centuries…

Add to these the friendly and hospitable people, the breath-taking scenery, the almost-always-sunny weather, the tranquil, long sandy beaches and the crystal-clear turquoise waters, where you can comfortably swim 6+ months a year - without having to become a winter swimmer.

However, you most possibly already know the many advantages of living in Crete. Yet, what you do not already know, are the many - and serious - advantages you have when you select Cretan Resorts as the first stop in your Crete-property-seeking adventure. Indeed, we make sure that selecting Crete as the place to live is a simple, secure and superb choice.